Yogi Bangora x Genie: 3-Day Wellness Weekend 12 – 14 June

Yogi Bangora x Genie: 3-Day Wellness Weekend

12 – 14 June 2015 @ YogaBamBam

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What is it?

Treat yourself to a Wellness Weekend in Hong Kong. Refresh your mind, body

and soul with the power of Yoga while you nourish yourself with delicious

Genie juices.

Who is Yogi Bangora?

A native New Yorker, Yogi Bangora (Kelsea) has been fascinated by the mind-
body relationship her entire life. After leaving professional ballet, Kelsea’s

focus shifted to Yoga and she soon became one of the most popular Yoga

teachers in New York.

With hard work and dedication, Kelsea earned the title of New York Yoga

Asana Champion in 2011, and followed this with a place in the Top 10 at the

USA National Yoga Asana Championship.

Kelsea’s Yoga classes are dynamic, playful and inspiring. She combines an

energetic mix of traditional Yoga, dance and functional movement. Kelsea is

based in Hong Kong, where she teaches private and corporate classes, and

hosts events and retreats around Asia.

What does it include?

• Genie Raw Food Dinner

• Genie Two-Day Juice Cleanse

• Six Hours of Yoga with Yogi Bangora

Mixed Layout

3-Day Wellness Weekend Agenda

Join us as at YogaBamBam to discuss the benefits of Genie juices, Yoga and

detoxing. Enjoy a Genie Raw Food Dinner and some light stretching. You’ll

take home your juice cleanse at the end of the evening.

Start the morning off with a good stretch, and twist the body to strengthen and

detox, leaving you energized and ready for the day.

Let your hair down on Saturday night, flowing from pose-to-pose while your

soul grooves to some great beats.

Start the day with an energizing session and continue to twist your body into

Stretch, Restore & Yoga Nidra

Finish your Wellness Weekend fully prepared for the new week ahead.

Restore your mind and body with gentle poses. Learn the art of total

relaxation with Yoga Nidra to help you end the weekend with a sound sleep.

All inclusive package: HK$2,150

For more information on Genie Juicery, please visit: www.geniejuicery.com

For more information on YogaBamBam, please visit: www.yogabambam.com

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