Yoga BamBam’s artist Bao Ho at Secret Walls June 12th

Yoga BamBams temporary artist Bao Ho made it through the qualifying round of the international tournament called Secret Walls in Hong Kong a few weeks ago.

The quiet artist was dwarfed by the scenic presence of most of her larger than life competitors. Local artist Boa Ho looked uncomfortably shy and seemed to be hiding even though there she stood in the middle of the stage in front of a SOLD OUT event.

Secret Walls formerly known as Secret Wars is a battle between artists. Popular host cities are New York, Berlin London & Tokyo. It all started in an East London bar 10 years ago with a simple concept. Battling artists armed solely with a black marker pen and black paint have 90 minutes to fill a large white canvas.  The crowd gets to vote by screaming the loudest for their favourite artist alongside a panel of expert judges.  Mix in a good lathering of DJ’s, cool kids & flowing booze. Secret walls is now hosted in over 25 countries with more than 1000 global battles.

So there stood my girl, the shy unpretentious artist Bao Ho. She looked like a lost school girl amongst a gang of ruthless hipsters. She was nervous, I was terrified. She pulled out her marker pen and fell back in to the security of her crazy talent. The  crowd  and the judges were also drawn in to her magical universe of art. The time flew by and Bao Ho nailed it, she WON.

Yes, she did ! She won the first round of the competition. So if you can get tickets to the show come and scream for the artist that you think deserves to win. I will be screaming for Bao Ho.  She has covered the walls, mirrors and doors of my Yoga studio with her awesome art work. Not only did she win the first round of Secret Walls but Bao Ho has won my heart too.

Secret Walls  Semi-final round June 12th.
Backstage Lan Kwai Fong Hong Kong •  
First battle starts at 8.00pm, second at 9.30pm.

Artist Lineup • BAO vs AMT  &  Stern Rockwell vs. Jay Pelmet

Vinyl sets, Hip Hop, Funk, Rare Groove, Disco, House and Drum and Bass.
Tickets available tickets $150

Yoga + Art = YogArt at Yoga BamBam. 

The funkiest Yoga studio in Hong Kong is now featuring the temporary art work of Bao Ho for the next few months. Get your art and your Yoga fix in one dose at Yoga BamBam. 28 Pound Lane • Sheung Wan • Hong Kong

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