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Detox is Key

Yoga BamBam was pleased to collaborate with Esquire Hong Kong on an article in their magazine called ‘Detox is Key’.

Unless you are an organic, raw food, granola crunching Vegan living like a saint on a deserted island (I’m kinda guessing that your not) then probably your body is already full of toxins. Toxins & pollutants are omnipresent in the food we eat, they are ladened with chemicals, preservatives, pesticides & heavy metals.
Environmental pollution from the air we breathe compounded with industrial toxins such as petrochemicals from plastics take the spring out of our step leaving us not so bright eyed & bushy tailed as we once were.  
The build up of toxins results in feeling out of shape, having unhealthy skin, headaches, illness, stress, allergies & disease.
The good news is that the body has the ability to eliminate toxins through the skin, the mouth, the eyes & through the digestive, respiratory & the circulatory systems. 
The bad news is that this natural process of elimination is ofter slowed down through our lack of exercise, bad diets & living La Vida Loca.
The great news is that we can help to detoxify our bodies by eating a better diet, exercising & through Yoga.  
Yoga has the ability to remove toxins from the body. Even a weekly Yoga class can helps to detox the body by working the lymph, blood, liver, organs & the parasympathetic nervous system. Studio Owner Melanie B describes the non Yogic body as a dirty unloved shirt.
People who don’t do Yoga tend to be out of shape, stiff and dull like an old neglected shirt. People who do Yoga tend to have lively bodies we feel relaxed, fresh & full of bounce
Heat it up 
First the body needs to be cleansed through the heating action of movement.
Sun Salutations
The Sun salutation is a series of 8 sequenced Yoga postures that are a cycle of movement.  This flow of physically demanding postures heats up the body & eliminates the toxins through our skin, through sweating, breathing and by our digestive system.  Yoga allow the body to go through its own natural washing machine cycle of moves, twist and turns.
1. Mountain Pose
2. Upward Salute
3. Standing Forward Bend
6.Four -Limbed Staff Pose
7. Cobra Pose
8. Downward Facing Dog Pose
Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 4.26.19 pm
After the heat of Sun Salutations now comes the Spin cycle and the Twists.  Imagine you place a dirty shirt in clean water. Wring out the shirt and squeeze out the dirt. Imagine the dirty shirt to be your internal organs, the clean water is your blood. In Yoga we twist and squeeze to purify the internal organs.  
Standing Twist
As well as detoxifying the body this pose also stimulates the digestive system, relieves back pain & constipation.
1. From Lunge position, Right knee bent.  Place the Palms together.
2. Twist the hands in prayer pose and place the left elbow on your right knee.
3 Try to keep your elbows stacked.
4. Look down or look up.

5. Repeat the other side.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 4.28.11 pm
Breath Work 
Time to air out the body and flush out the toxins. Yoga breathing exercises bestow many benefits to the mind, body & the spirit.  Breathing deeply allows fresh air to purify the lungs, oxygenate and clean the circulatory system & re energise the body & the brain. Benefits of Yoga breathing exercises include increased energy, clarity, tranquillity & better organ function.
Lions Breath
As well as being a great detox for the body Lions breath is also a great stress buster and great to get rid of coffee breath before entering the office.
1. Kneel down or Stand.
2. Palms firmly against the thighs or make Lions claws with your fingers
3. Take a deep inhalation through the nose. Open your mouth & eyes wide. Stick out the tongue, curling the tip down towards the chin. 
4. Exhale the breathe out slowly but intensly making the sound “Haaaaaaaaa” 
5. Repeat about 5 times. Either fix your gaze between the eye brows or look at your nose.
6. If doing the Lions Breath in the office better inform your colleagues before hand – it’s a crazy looking Yoga pose !
Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 4.28.24 pm
Now that your body is detoxed it’s time to enjoy the sensation of feeling great in your body. Relaxation is an art form, it takes practice & time to be able to let go.
Corpse Pose remains a classic relaxation pose. 
1.Completely let go and relax on to the floor.
2. Close your eyes & breathe calmly.
3. Empty the mind & become heavy.
4. Relax for a few minutes up to a few hours your choice.
5. If you hear yourself snoring then you are asleep.
Relaxation classes at Yoga BamBam
Calista Goh, the owner of the near by health food shop Anything But Salads offer a monthly ‘Introduction to Active Meditation Class’ the first Friday of every month. This fun meditation class is accessible & creative.
Win Sie Tow offers a Sunday evening ‘Mindful Hatha Yoga Class’  that is  designed to liberate the stress of the Weekend Warriors and allows them to return to work feeling full of life.
Matina Cheung offers ‘Hatha Yoga with Basic Cantonese for Expats’ this is a relaxing Yoga class which introduces the Yoga students to easy to understand directions in Cantonese.
Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 4.41.02 pmsportsport2sport3
Printed Canonese text by Anshel  – Photo by Daniel & Pazu – Model by Hector @ Dream models – Clothes by Puma Location – Yoga BamBam 28 Pound Lane  Sheung Wan  Hong Kong http://www.yogabambam,com
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