Yoga BamBam Wellness Walk • May 9th

Sassy x Living Alive  Wellness Walk May 9th.

Yoga BamBam • 28 Pound Lane • Sheung Wan • Hong Kong

Yoga BamBam will offer 3 Yoga classes during the Wellness Walk.

Kids Yoga  from 1pm – 1.45pm – 10 mats available

Family AcroYoga from 2pm – 3pm  12 mats available

Mindful Hatha Yoga Flow 4.45pm – 5.45pm 10 mats available

Wellness Walk MEMBERS ONLY

Create a free Yoga BamBam Online Account • Sign in to the Wellness Walk classes.

Kids Yoga Classes & Family AcroYoga Classes
We will select the kids by age group. Maybe we will offer Teen Yoga  Classes maybe it will be Kids Yoga Classes. We will create the class following the highest demand.
Parents please create a Yoga BamBam account and add after your name the name and the age of your Kid eg Jane Lam – David 7 years old.
After you have applied for the Yoga BamBam Kids classes and AcroYoga classes  we will reply to everybody by email.
Kids Yoga  • There are 10 spaces available for 10 Kids.
Family AcroYoga • There are 12 mats available for 4 – 6 Families.
Mindful Hatha Yoga Flow  – There are 10 spaces available • The first 10 students to sign up will be accepted.

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Fun on Pound Lane for everyBODY May 9th • 1pm – 4pm

Free Art Jam & Fun by the art school Alazizi  on the pedestrian tree lined terrace in front of Yoga BamBam. EveryBody is welcome.   No need to sign up for the Family Activities on the Terrace.  Just show up.  

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For all the details of the Sassy x Living Alive Wellness Walk please click HERE 

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