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In the Present Moment
Meditation & mind control seem mysterious. You don’t have to be an advanced Yogis or a monk to practice methods of self awareness.  Meditation is not out of the reach of every day people.  It is possible to focus the mind and boost your levels of relaxation. Let’s look at 3 different ways to meditate here in Hong Kong.

Mindful Hatha Yoga at Yoga BamBam
There are many ways to Meditate, mostly all the religions & primitive tribes of the world have their own form of meditation such as Trance Dancing or rituals that take the practitioner to a more heightened state of consciousness.  We interviewed Win Sie Tow a Yoga teacher at Yoga BamBam on her methods of meditation. She teachers a weekly Yoga class called Mindful Hatha Yoga Flow.
Win-Sie  Tow –  “The brain works much like a computer, meditation can help empty the mind so that it can receive information & transmit energy more efficiently. Meditations helps to identify ourselves & gives us the tools to erase the negativity from our lives. Once we are free of mental & physical burden their is infinite space for love, happiness & power.
In Mindful Hatha Yoga Classes we learn how to breathe, how to empty the mind & how to open the energy channels. Yogic Meditation is when we combine physical Yoga exercise (Asana) with awareness, breath, intention & stillness.  This is when the magic starts to happen and when we become masters of ourselves.”
Win-Sie Tow was born and raised in New York, as well as teaching Yoga in Hong Kong she is a director of documentaries & films.
During her classes at Yoga BaBam she helps her students to meditate by asking them to not to focus on their thoughts or the chatter in their heads but to to pay attention to their breathing patterns. Each Mindful Hatha Yoga class is different sometimes we focus more on the body by flowing from Yoga pose to Yoga pose. These classes can be physical, yet they are always Mindful they help to  unblocking the stagnant energy. Yoga combined with Meditation allows a freedom of ease & gives an extra boost to meditation practice. In some of my Yoga classes we simply celebrate being calm and learn to surrender the body. In most classes we learn how to explore our thoughts & learn how to switch our minds to a more calmer state of being.
The Mindful Hatha Yoga class is an all level class. Everybody is welcome.
The beginner students find it easier to connect to their inner peace when we use singing bowls & music in the classes. It is often easier to Meditate in small studios like Yoga BamBam. We turn down the lights, light candles, burn scents of Salvia Japonica, Santalum album & Lavender.
Win- Sie smiles  “It is not how long you meditate, you can do one minute or five minutes everyday,the point is to practice everyday.”
Yoga BamBam 28 Pound Lane • Sheung Wan • Hong Kong 
Calista Goh also teachers a monthly Introduction to Meditation class the first Friday of every month at the studio.
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Photos of Yoga Bam Bam teacher Win- Sie Tow and Matina Cheung clothes by A Day with Fé.
Buddhist  Meditation
Buddha meditation has the background of Buddha,it blends in the thoughts of Buddha whilst meditating. Psychologist Annie Ho,practising at hospitals while still attending school,she encountered a meditation support class.  Annie found out that meditation helped her to reduce stress. Since then,she started meditations regularly and joined Buddha  Meditation class. Her practiceit helped her through tough times in 2011. Her husband was diagnosed with cancer, she was close to having a nervous break down. Her life began to collapse,both physically and mentally. Fortunately with the help of psychology and Buddhism she began to recover from her depression.
She said “Whatever situation you are in it is possible to adjust the focus of the situation by using the breath. Meditation teachers us how to allow the mind to control the situation,not the situation to control your mind”.
Vipassana Meditation
Vipassana means to look at the true meaning of things. It started in India & is now all over the world including here in Hong Kong. Infact many foreigners travel far to visit the Vipassana Centre here in HK. It is a 10 days self observation retreat.  During the 10 days there is no talking, silence & no contact with the outside world. The students are not allowed phone calls, nor even to write. They practising Meditation by observing their breath. The experience is often very intense and emotional. The method helps to  purify your thoughts consciously and subconsciously in order to gain peace, live humbly & live well.
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