Yoga BamBam Charity Hatha Yoga Class for Nepal • May 3rd

Yoga BamBam teacher Jacqui Dixon will be leading an Introduction to Integral Yoga Class Sunday 3rd May

9am – 10am Charity Rise n Shine

10.15am – 11.15am Donation Music & Meditation

11.45am – 12.45pm Charity Yoga class

All the money collected will be given to aid Nepal in their time of need. 

Jacqui teacher a regular Sunday Class called Rise n Shine Yoga every Sunday at 9am at Yoga BamBam.

She is a certified Integral Yoga and Raja Teacher.  She recently return from a trip to Nepal where she taught Kids Yoga  for a local an Orphanage.   Jacqui was extremely touched by the recent earthquake, she has many friends from Nepal. She is by far one of the kindness souls that I know here in Hong Kong, Im proud to be her friend.

The Charity class for Nepal will be $150 for first time students to Jacqui’s Yoga class and $200 for regular students.

The Donation ‘Music & Meditation Session’ will be based on how much you want to offer. We will accept both large and small donations.

Please register for the class at

Create a free Yoga BamBam online account, Press Schedule • Register as Unpaid then Sign in to the class.

Please pay cash after the class.

There will be space for 10 students of All levels for the Charity Class.

Many thanks to Jacqui for donating her time and thanks to the students in advance for attending the class.


Photo of Jacqui teaching Yoga in Nepal to a group of orphans.

Yoga BamBam • 28 Pound Lane • Sheung Wan • Hong Kong
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