Yoga BamBam in HK Magazine 2015

Yoga BamBam was recently featured in HK Magazine’s April Magazine called Let’s get physical.

They asked Yoga BamBam this question – Why are so many Yogis long and lean ?
YBB Answered – That’s just not true, not all Yogis are lean.  The Yoga Industries use models to sell Yoga, to make Yoga glamorous & to make money from it. Long and Lean is a great marketing tool for mostly every product in our modern lives.

Marketing  prays on our insecurities and our dreams of one day having an ideal body along with an ideal life in an ideal world. Modern day Yoga tends to sell this ideal of perfection. It thrives of our needs to find happiness, acceptance & a meaning to life in our often meaningless lives.

Yes , I agree when practised correctly Yoga  may help to control body weight as it teaches us how to control ourselves & gives us the courage to make positive changes in our lives. However it is an ego trap to set unattainable goals of perfection & go down the path that so many people follow in believing that happiness comes from the exterior.

Yoga was never meant to be a workout. Yoga is in fact  a practice that works from the inside of our selves.
Yoga  is often challenging both physically, emotionally and spiritually. Some people call it a holistic workout.
Positive changes such as improved self worth and mindfulness are all a healthy by- products of living a Yogic lifestyle which includes a healthy diet, healthy environment and a healthy mind.
Yoga does helps us to strip away our fat but it also strips away our excess emotional baggage. Sadness and stress often lead to over eating and self abuse. Yoga  helps us to find peace and stay balanced & as luck would have it, it also helps us to look and feel good.

Yes Yoga produces beautiful people firstly from the inside and that permeates to the outside.
At Yoga BamBam we believe that Yoga is happiness & that everBODY has a natural born right to live joyfully & peacefully no matter what size, age or shape they are.
On a totally superficial level Yoga often does produce lean bodies.  However the true treasure of Yoga is the energy that it generates.  Being skinny or being able to do advanced Yoga poses will impress those who are easily impressed but living gracefully & respectfully is the true  goal of a true Yogi.

Melanie B

Yoga Studio Owner Of Yoga BamBam. A forward thinking Yoga studio in Hong Kong.  28 Pound Lane. Sheung Wan.

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