Kirin Wong • Live Music • Yoga & Good Vibrations • Feb.15th

Live Music • Yoga & Good Vibrations with Kirin Wong

Yoga BamBam • 2.15pm – 4.15pm

All Level • Online Booking – Register as UNPAID 250$ in cash after the class

28 Pound Lane Sheung Wan • Hong Kong.

Fresh off the plane from her recent trip from America Kirin Wong will be gracing us with her soulful voice & loving presence. Kirin is an International Yoga Teacher, song writer, musician & all around amazing bright light. Inspired from her teachings at the Yoga Society of San Francisco with her dearest mentors Kirin will be introducing her latest compositions & new melodies this weekend at YogaBamBam.Kirin’s Live Yoga & Sound Workshop is promising to be a very personal experience. This calibre of Yoga Teacher usually teachers at large events & conferences, Kirin’s Yoga Workshop at Yoga BamBam will be all the more special as it will be very up close and personal due to the small size of the studio. There are just 12 Yoga mats at Yoga BamBam.

On Sunday Kirin will be sharing her life altering experience in South Africa where she Bungee Jumped off the worlds highest bridge. This change that occurred as she confronted her fear was an epiphany & led her to a leap of understanding. Kirin will be sharing her realisations and relating it to the 3rd chakra ‘Manipura’ vs ‘Adrenalin’.

Kirin’s is a multi talented Yoga Teacher & has been gifted with a sensitivity to sound which has guided her to being a talented musician and intuitive vibrational worker. During her Good Vibration Workshop at Yoga BamBam she will be Chakra Tuning and sharing Fun Voice Awakening techniques for us all to find our own vibes. So if you want to bask in Kirin’s California Sunshine come join her high on Pound Lane this Sunday.
No Experience needed  • Wear comfortable clothing suitable for Yoga • No Yoga specific clothing required.
This is a celebration of life much more than an Asana class.
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