Inversion Inversions Inversions ! Feb 14th

Balance Workshop 12.30- 2.30pm • Saturday 14th • 300$

Inversion Inversion Inversions 3pm- 4.30 pm • Saturday 14th • 250$ or 500$ for both workshops.

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Back by POPULAR DEMAND. I hear you Hong Kong you all want to Rock it in HandStand & in Inversions.

But it’s not just about the Inversion is it?

Is it?

Is it?

I’m certain that Carlos Mendez has had so much success at Yoga BamBam not just  because he is a great Inversion teacher but also because he is a great teacher. It’s been amazing watching Carlos teach this past week, I have learnt so much.

IMAGINE, it has taken me all these bloody years of struggling, trail & error to figure out poses that I learnt with Carlos within a few classes !!!!!!! I’m over the moon, but slightly p*ssed off that I  had to wait until I was 42 years old to meet Carlos.

Carlos Mendez  is an International Yoga Teacher he is leaving Hong Kong on the 16th of Feb.

Catch him for his supplementary workshops this weekend  at our boutique Yoga studio here in Sheung Wan. Contact me ASAP if you want to sneak in a Private with Carlos before he leaves.

BTW Thanks Carlos  for all the useful technique. I will be rocking it before I’m 43 !

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