Moon Meditation Feb.6th

Yoga Meditation & Tea

Friday 6th  6.45pm – 7.45pm

with an additional & optional Free 30 Minutes Candle Lit Tea Time until 8.15pm

with Cornelie Holm

150$ first time guests • 200$ Normal price • Online Unpaid Bookings • Pay in cash after class.

This Moon we will be Stepping in to our power. Letting go of obstacles & finding clarity.

All our monthly Moon Meditations gatherings are so unique in character at Yoga BamBam.
Every event is unique depending on the energy, the time & the people we welcome in to our Yoga studio for the unfolding of a 90 minute inward journey.
Looking back upon the previous Yoga Meditation & Tea Sessions at Yoga BamBam I  feel so happy and in awe of the sweet hearts who have joined us. Mostly everybody who came where curious newcomers to Shamanic Yoga, Meditation & Tea Ceremonies. From the feed back that people shared mostly everybody who attended came to relax & experience forms of energy work that differed from the usual Asana focused classes that tend to monopolise Hong Kong. Mostly everybody stayed for Tea Time as they wanted to go deeper with themselves & have more time to profit from the session.

Something to also keep in mind is that the energy around the full moon heightens awareness in certain areas of our lives. Yoga & Meditation can enable us to hone in on the natural energy that surrounds us. This energy can be harnessed so that we can successfully & seamlessly move with the ebb & flow that constantly occurs in our daily lives.

I can’t wait for this Fridays wonder-Full Moon gatherings on Pound Lane in Sheung Wan.  The studio is located on  a meridian power line between the Peak & the South China sea.  The studios placement is seen as being condussive to greater peace in our lives and to a more tranquil approach to the way we envision ourselves.

We end the Moon Sessions with an optional free 30 minute candle lit, incense & hand blended Tea so as to prolong the inner glow of the class &  to smoothly enter the streets of Hong Kong with a calm spring in our stride.

After each session there is a small selection of Wild Free & Happy* goods. These products are hand made by Cornelie Holm. If you wish please feel free to purchase these goods & maybe share your experience with your friends or recreate the magical moment by yourself in your own home.

Please note that only the participants of the evenings Yoga & Meditation sessions are welcome to the Candle Lit Tea Ceremony. Although the session is free we prefer to keep the same cultivated energy in the studio.

EveryBODY is welcome • No experience required • No need to wear sports clothes, dress comfortably, dress to honour yourself & the gathering.

Yoga BamBam • 28 Pound Lane • Sheung Wan • Hong Kong

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