Visiting Guest Teacher Chaukei Ngai

Yoga with  Chaukei Ngai
Yoga BamBam
Thursdays 6.45pm 7.45pm
Visiting Guest Teacher until the Feb 12th 2015
ChauKei’s  style of teaching  Hatha Yoga is modern & quite her own style she has been influenced by many great masters along her personal Yogic journey.  As an International Yoga Champion she has a in depth knowledge of asana & how to enhance students physical postures.
She encourages her students to have fun in their practice, to have an adventure with themselves & their Yoga practice.  That enjoying the adventure & exploring new & familiar places within themselves is the internal trip that Yoga was meant to be.
ChauKei believes that Yoga teaches us how to live, breathe, and work in a way that is efficient, with ease, and with grace.
 ChauKei Ngai’s Hatha Yoga classes are precise, compassionate, challenging yet accessible.
The all level Yoga class is suitable for beginner to advanced practitioners.
ChauKei  is a highly experienced Yoga teacher she lovingly guides her students on safe & effective technique in each Yoga posture. Regardless of how much talent or physical limitation her students thinks they may have ChauKei helps them to understand that Yoga is unique to everyBODY.
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Private Session with ChauKei Ngai available contact
Yoga BamBam
28 Pound Lane
Sheung Wan
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