Who’s your Guru?

Kumar Pallana
Sought-after actor in his late 70’s & beyond Kumar featured in films by Wes Anderson, Steven Spielberg he died in California aged 94.
Born in Mumbai Kumar had mastered all the handstands at 13 years old & later became one of the top acrobatic performers in the world. He then became a Yoga teacher in Texas & this is where Carlos Mendez first met Kumar who was at the time a sprightly & charismatic 84 year old.
 Kumar quotes –
“Without the concentration, you cannot do nothing,”  
“My soul is my Guru, my experience is my Guru”
Yoga BamBam introduces Carlos Mendez, Yoga instructor & International guest teacher from Texas.  Expert in Inversions & Arm Balances.  Carlos Mendez will be sharing his wisdom  at Yoga BamBam the Feb. 6th, 7th & 8th. So before we go in to who is Carlos Mendez here in a Kumar.
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