Sassy’s Guide to Yoga in Hong Kong

And ommmm… yep, this month is all about health and wellness, and that goes hand in flexible hand with practicing Yoga. Some time on a Yoga mat will undoubtedly calm you down while working up a sweat and it’s perfect to tone up that body in time for bikini season. Here’s our useful guide to Yoga studios and Private instructors around town. You’ll be a pro at those sun salutations in no time!

Yoga BamBam

Yoga BamBam is in the chicest area of Sheung Wan. The convenient location will have you going back for more, as will the small class sizes. There’ll be more attention from the instructors, who earn all the profit. That in turn means no membership fees – you just pay for each class. Sounds perfect for the unorganised among us, and those of us who don’t like paying for monthly gym memberships. You’ll get to choose from intro classes (perfect for beginners!), aerial and AcroYoga (maybe not for the faint-hearted!) and meditation. Click here for the upcoming schedule.

How much: $150 for a student’s first time with a teacher, $200 for each returning visit with the same teacher, $700 for a 4-class course valid for 5 weeks, $1,200 for an 8-class course valid for 10 weeks.Yoga BamBam, 28 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong,


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