Things to do in Sheung Wan /Poho

Recently I noticed lots of students coming to Yoga BamBam with their partners & with their families.  We even had a group of tourists come to the studio the other day for a Yoga Cantonese class. They told me that coming to the class together was  a fun, alternative thing to during their holiday in Hong Kong.  The women joined the class & learnt a few easy Cantonese phrases whilst their partners popped to the bar of 208 to have drinks !
Our studio is on Pound Lane the artery that links the Mid Levels to Hollywood Road. It’s a 5 minute walk from PMQ which is fastly becoming the place to visit in Hong Kong.
Yoga BamBam is in the lovely neighbourhood of  Poho in Sheung Wan. There are lots of independent Cafes, bars & restaurants near the Yoga studio.  The area offers so much to do with Caine Garden as a nice place to relax whilst the kids play.  Most people stroll around Tai Pin Shan, visit a few art galleries & shops. The district is a weekend destination for people who like to stroll around & enjoy a more relaxed version of the city.
The less adventurous friends of our students sit at  Cafe Loisl the cafe  next door to Yoga BamBam. It’s an easy options & a rather tasty one at that. Try their chocolate croissants, or their healthy vegan dishes.
Heres a list of some of my favorites places to hang out in Poho.
1. Madura – French home decoration shop just recently opened in HK.
2. Tabibito – Chic Japanese restaurant.
3. 3rd Space – Home made pancakes & more.
2. Nosh – Great Café
3. Oldish – Friendly Staff, old fashioned designed café
4. 208 –  Trendy cafe, Bar, restaurant.
5. Lil Burros – Eating Mexican made fun.
6. The Upper- Fancy French restaurant with the best coffee in Sheung Wan ( in my opinion)
7. Dead End Cafe – attached to the bakery Po’ Atelier
8. Teakha – Café with the Poho vibe
9. Common Ground Cafe – It’s kind of hidden behind PMQ but that what makes it special.
10. Mrs Pound – Good luck finding this hidden restaurant & bar, it’s on Pound Lane, under Yoga BamBam.
11. PMQ – explore, shop; eat, drink ………….
There are so many more things to do in Poho & the Tai Pin Shan area.  Simply walking around the district is fun, checking out the local Graffiti artists HK Walls is always a good way to pass a good time.
Well the rest is up to you. Enjoy your visit to Yoga BamBam, half the fun is taking the time to explore the neighbourhood before & after the Yoga classes.
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