New Year Yoga Meditation & Tea • January 9th

Out with the old & in with the new
Embrace the New Year with clarity
by Wild Happy Free*
New Year Yoga Meditation & Tea
January 9th
6.30pm – 7.30pm
With optional tea until  8pm
 •Awaken the Body with a semi guided Yoga series (beginners welcome)
•Harness your power & calm the mind with Meditation
•Enjoy the after glow of the session & sip on hand blended Tea.
All Level
 It’s that time of the Year a time for contemplation & reflection.  In both western & eastern cultures it’s a time to shed what is stagnant nor necessary. To let go of all that does not serve you &  to clear the path for new energy, new success & new opportunities.
Life in Hong Kong can be fast, full of energy both bad & good. It can be as loud & oppressive as it can also be harmonious & liberating.  We designed this Cleansing Session as a form of detox for the mind, body & soul.
With the tools of Yoga & Meditation let this New Year  be joyful, bright & zen.
Allow yourself  to listen to your  true needs to make better choices & calm the internal & external chatter that we have become used to living with in this amazing city.
Cornelie Holm is a Shamanic Life coach & deeply positive person. She uses natural ingredients such as sage and sweet soulful herbs  that she hand blends for your care in this ancient Shamanic Clearing Ritual.
New Year Yoga Meditation & Tea
Like the Inca civilization this service provided it’s people with a simple yet profoundly relaxing energy session.
150$ for your first visit

200$ if you have been before

3 Session Package available for 450$

No Yoga clothes required, dress comfortably.

Yoga BamBam Pop up shop after the session offering

Handmade exclusive Chakra wear by Cornelie

Jewelry• Fashion • Hand blended Herbal Teas & more

Yoga BamBam • 28 Pound Lane • Sheung Wan •

Online Booking – Register as Unpaid, pay in cash after the class.


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