Christmas in HK

My true passion even before Yoga is being in the mountains skiing & snowboarding.  I find skiing to be so similar to Yoga.
I am in the Zone, nothing else exists
I am totally present
I am power
I am light energy
I am one with the ALL
I take rest in wonder
In a world of silence
I am still
I am nothing
I am all
I am Higher than I
Moving to Hong Kong one of the most densely populated cities in the world seemed like exactly the opposite to fulfilling my dreams of living in a ski town far from the city.
Big City Life has never really appealed to me. I’ve always enjoyed escaping from the crowds & being in nature.
The similarities between skiing & Yoga are many. Both are healing for the soul. The mind is totally activate yet their is total surrender in the moment, a balance between sensory alert & relaxation.
It’s possible for the ego to disappear & for the spirit to flow far beyond the physical confines of the body.
This is the flow of skiing & of  Yoga. This is  being in the Zone
Of course winter in Hong Kong is not like winter in the Alps. To make my Christmas pudding easier to swallow here in HK, I held a Winter Party at Yoga BamBam. I surrounded myself with wonderful loving friends & all the things that I love the most.
I wanted a forest of fragrant evergreens, in that forest I wanted  friends to play music. Tree Huggers & hippies, wood spirits, musicians & dancers came out to play in a fairy world of Xmas trees a lights. It was a magical experience in the Enchanted Forest. Thanks to Taka, Rose ,Cy & Kelvin.
 I wanted Hong Kong to be as close to a winter wonderland as possible so I enrolled a ski instructor from Austria & a snowboarder from France to set up ski lessons next to the forest. Just across from the Ukulele area next to Cornelie’s scented herbs & sunshine tea.
Cornelie whispered in my ear as I sipped her tea that once you drank enough of her brew you’d feel full of light as if you’d been sunbathing for hours.
Our party was a gathering of passionate friends. Everybody involved is passionate about what they are working to achieve in Hong Kong. Some love Yoga , some love knitting, baking, brewing, music, art, cooking.
This is why we moved to Hong Kong because it is full of believers & achievers. Just one bite of my friend Angel’s cupcakes & you will understand what an achiever & a believer is. The  Hong Kong Tribe are my kind of people.
From Cathay Pilots who love playing lumberjack to my next door neighbour who likes making art from mathematical algorithms. All these people are the patch work quilt of Yoga BamBam. All these artists & friends are the tapestry of my new life here in Sheung Wan.
Many thanks to all you amazing folk out there who encourage me to be as crazy as I want to be.
Special thanks to the Yoga BamBam teachers who support me & are a constant source of enthusiasm & love.
Hugs to the love of my life  & to everybody who participated in such a super event.
Scotty So you are fabulous …  Thanks Tao for being my friend & my rock. Alan for his craftsmanship at bar tending, Ekorb for keeping it real. Cherie for keeping it realistic. Kelvin Sun for always being in the right place at the right time. Rachel for offering her expertise in party planning.  Sol Passion Music for taking the party to the next level. To Jason & Claudia for being the coolest neighbours ever…….  thanks to you all
I wanted Yoga Bam Bam’s Xmas party to be a Winter Gathering of the Artist , I wanted a forest & snowboarders. I wanted joy, music, passion & art. I  guess that I’ve been a good Yogi this year cos I did get everything that I wanted. Thanks to you all. xx
Next years Yoga BamBam Christmas  party will have to be insane for it to top this one !!!!!
Hope that you will be a part of it.
Merry Xmas & a Happy 2015.
The future is bright.
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