To ease my Winter Lust I found  a bunch of skier & snowboarders in Hong Kong.
Ski BamBam 
Dec 14th
Tai On Terrace on Pound Lane in Sheung Wan.
Private Ski & Snowboard lessons @ Yoga BamBam
Ski Instructors from Austria & France.
Clemence /Professional Ski Instructor @ Hong Kong largest indoor Ski area
Sophie /  Snowboard Instructor
• Learn tips about Body alignment
• How to use the equipment correctly
• How to slow down smoothly & stop
• 15 minute stationary ski visualisation  with ski equipment.
• Ski BamBam Photo of you skiing in Hong Kong
30$ for a 15 minutes of Ski BamBam
Ski & Snow Board  equipment sponsored by Island Wake  the coolest Ski Shop in Hong Kong – We really are high on Pound Lane
They call Yoga BamBam the funkiest Yoga Studio in Hong Kong & I guess I know why. The British /Jamaican owner of this groovy yet chic Yoga studio is all about letting the soul shine.
My goal was (& still is) to represent Jamaica in the  Winter Winter Olympic.  For many years I dedicated all my time training in Utah, Montana & Colorado.  My true passion is Snowboarding/Skiing being in snow.
Now that I’m living in Hong Kong those days of  living on the edge are far behind me, or maybe not. You may have seen me skating down streets of Hong Kong on my golden scooter. Flying down the steep streets of Central & Sheung Wan with a goofy smile on my face.
Come join me at Yoga BamBam on Dec 14th. We will be Skiing in Hong Kong or getting as close to it as we can with what we have.
I’ve lived in many countries, it hit me the other day that no matter where I call home, I always seem to find myself living alternatively to the Status Quo   I was riding down the hill from Central to Yoga BamBam on my scooter the other morning.  It was one of the first days that it was ‘cold’ in Hong Kong. Everybody was covered up, the locals were in their winter woolies even the expats were not wearing flip flops !
There I was rolling down the hill enjoying every breath of cold air on my face. Enjoying that sensation that dogs love when they stick their heads out of a speeding car window.  So there I was smiling down the road the cold air whipping through my fizzy hair, it actually felt cold.
The traffic was jammed up all the way to Central.  I was going in the total opposite direction to all the 9 to 5er’s on my way to Pound Lane.
I was gaining some good speed. Maybe I was going  a bit faster than what I  should. Riding down the middle the road shredding up Hong Kong. Loving Life, loving the speed, loving the winter chill. Living my passion the best that I could.
I no longer live in a ski town. I no longer snowboard everyday of the Winter season.  Yet I can still find my thrills here in HK. Its possible to wake board almost year round. The cement roads are smooth & YES the hills are steep enough to carve out lots of nice turns  here in Hong Kong.
Once on my  Yoga mat I move into a deeper flow, I  find my groove. After a good Yoga session  I take rest in Savasana.  This relaxed state of being is a similar pleasure  to being wrapped in layers of thermal ski clothing. That amazing snugness of being held  & protected.
Hong Kong is not a ski town, but we have mountains & on some cold foggy days the clouds sometimes cling to the mountain peaks that loom behind the city.  Sometimes these mountains do almost looks like they have snow on them.
I guess it won’t be long until I fly  to the Alps to rekindle  my true passion.  The colder t HK becomes the more I will pine to be amongst the pines & the evergreens.
Higher than high in the silent solitude of a winter sky.
Private Ski & Snowboard lessons @ Yoga BamBam
Dec 14th
Tai On Terrace on Pound Lane in Sheung Wan
Ski & Snow Board  equipment sponsored by Island Wake  the coolest Ski Shop in Hong Kong
Founded in 1995, Island Wake grew from a surf & water sports to a large board & equipment shop in HK.
Wake Boards, surf, skate boards & snowboards wear/
Island wakes is a wake up call for all of us shred heads in the city who love life to the fullest. If you wanna play hard you better have the best gear. Island Wake the heart of boarders life style. – We really are high on Pound Lane
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