Scotty So HK Art Exhibition @ YOGA BAMBAM Dec.14th

Live Sculpture • Art exhibition • Shopping • Photo Booth •Party
by Scotty So
14th December
Pound Lane Market• Winter Gathering of artists
9am – 9pm
Yoga BamBam
28 Pound Lane
Sheung Wan

Join Scotty So, talented young Hong Kong artist at his Pop Up 12 hour art show.

19 year old Hong Kong artist Scotty So hits the HK art scene with a 1 day/ 1 night only art exhibition during the Pound Lane Market .
Art lovers keep an eye on this kid. Born to Chinese & Thai parents Scotty is multi talented & on the edge of artistic recognition. His career promises to be electric in Hong Kong & in the International art scene.

Visual artist • Painter • Sculpture • Model • Photographer & Fashion Designer.
Scotty takes on both the emotional, theatrical, and technical roles of both model and photographer. His gay world is tantalisingly dark yet intelligently catchy.
As the observer we are drawn in to the unveiling story of Scotty’s creative early experimentation.
At this stage in his development there is an obvious schizophrenic search for the artist to him to find himself. He is still still torn between between being the model & being the photographer. His energy is a wild expression of his own beauty & his teenage angst between erotic surrealism & poetry . Scotty So is simply a piece of art work himself, it’s a thrill to be around him & be a part of his ever expanding world.

As I interviewed him he explained that his art was a brave way for him to overcome his shyness & for him to escape in to other realities. His work is inventive, mesmerising yet minimalist. It is also still affordable so catch him while you still can.

The Pound Lane Market is a gathering of Hong Kong creatives. It’s a participative party, meaning you make your own party. Bring your own Booze. Bring your own entourage. Pick up some interactive art work & maybe go home with a unique gift that not like the other shoddy Christmas presents that get passed around at this time of year.
Pound Lane Market• Free Yoga Classes • Free Workshops • Live Art• Shopping • Fashion • Music & more

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