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AcroYoga is a physically enjoyable practice blending Acrobatics,Yoga & Thai Message.
The Base lifts or supports the Flyer in incredible positions that require balance & trust.
The role of the Spotter is to protect & keep everything safe during the session.
In an AcroYoga class the students interchange all 3 roles Base, Flyer & Spotter to achieve a harmonious practice. Yet with most steady partnerships each person gravitates to a certain role. Stereotypically the heavier person is the base & the lighter person is the Flyer. However sterotypes were made to be broken & roles are often reversed in AcroYoga.  
The acrobatic section of the practice is called The Solar Practice.
This segment improves teamwork,communication skills, trust & creative expression. It’s also a great full body workout. AcroYoga is fun, it helps to build confidence, coordination, balance, strength & flexibility.
The classes are accessible thanks to the step by step progressions & the experience of a qualified AcroYoga teacher.
The beauty of AcroYoga is that it encompasses so many different approaches to fitness, art & wellness. The Lunar side of
AcroYoga is dedicated to the healing arts of Thai message, flying therapeutics & partner yoga. The ambiance is chilled out & uplifting because even in the Lunar practice it’s possible to fly your partner or to be flown.  Lunar AcroYoga increases sensitivity, compassion & healing energy. It heals the mind, body and the spirit by releasing tension & creating caring loving energy.
Usually at the end of all AcroYoga session the flyer gives the base a message or some form of therapeutics, this inversion of roles gives the flyer the opportunity to ‘repay’ the base for their work. As most people prefer to fly or receive a Thai fly message the common misconception is that the flyer has all the fun. It can looks that way from the outside yet I am a base and I receive tremendous joy from basing my partners.
Yoga BamBam is a creative Yoga studio in Hong Kong.
There are twice weekly AcroYoga sessions & regular outdoor events as well as Yoga classes & Aerial Arts.
There is also a group of LGBT AcroYogis that meet together with Out in HK  if you are interested in joining.
Yoga BamBam 
28 Pound Lane
Sheung Wan
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