Sheung Wan Creative Community – Dec.14th

Come celebrate on Pound Lane in the wonderfully unique district of Sheung Wan.
We love Pound Lane & its quiet historical charm.
Reason enough to draw more awareness to this very special part of Hong Kong.
When I mention Pound Lane most people  don’t know where that is. Sanwiched between Hollywood Road & Caine Road somehow the neighbourhood has remained hidden from the herd that pound through Central each day.
Life on Pound Lane is very calm, so much so that the birds seem very loud. There are a few people who walk down from the mid levels to the Sheung Wan MTR in the morning, there are even fewer who return home up the steps.  I imagine that once the Sai Ying Pun MTR opens that there will be more passers by, but still (for now) Pound Lane remains lost amongst the towering skyscrapers of HK.
 The Gathering of Artists December 14th
A few independent shops in the Tai Ping Shan area have banded together to form a group called Tai Ping Commons. There will be occasional events to form a closer community we hope to protect the beauty of the district & fill our street with friends & art.
The Pound Lane Market is a block Party we will be coming together on Tai On Terrace to offer free Yoga classes ,Workshops & other experiments in creative community.
Please join us.  This is an a participative party so please bring your own drinks, food & stuff.
More info about the Free Yoga classes & all the events will be posted on the event page …. coming soon….
In the mean time please invite your friends to like the Facebook page  Pound Lane Market & invite them to the gathering.
The party is for free, every body is welcome.  There will be an enrollment for most of the workshops & a Sign in for the free Yoga classes.
The classes will be held at Yoga BamBam & will be from 9am – 6pm.  The Winter Market will be to promote & support local artists & start ups. There will be many rare & unique gift ideas to offer your loved ones for Christmas.
For more info contact • Pound Lane Market • Tai Ping Commons.
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