A Winter Gathering of Artists • Pound Lane Market • December 14th. 9am – 9pm

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Hong Kong is a pretty tough city to start a business. The rent is ridiculously high. The average local worker’s salary is decent if not costly compared to other countries in the region. The multinational companies dominate the market with their colossal corporate budgets & hunger to be present in Hong Kong. Thanks to such rich international businesses the HK city dwellers are spoilt for choice with high quality service & exceptional standards that are pretty hard to beat elsewhere in the world.

To succeed in Hong Kong the local business owners have to be passionate, fully committed & as stubborn as hell.  I love Hong Kong, regardless of the furious competition & the dog eat dog mentality there are actually pockets of caring generous people. Somewhere amongst all the highly strung out over achievers there are loving caring citizens.

When I arrived in the city  fresh off the boat I was greeted by friendly faces who graciously welcomed me in to their microcosm of Expats & like minded locals. It’s thanks to their generosity that I was inspired to help others get their foot in the door. The notion of exchange is prevalent in our community of young business owners. Some folks trade a Yoga class for a haircut, they share office space, work for free in exchange for publicity.  It’s a I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine world.

Thanks to the camaraderie of daring yet caring entrepreneur’s it is possible to prosper. At times their dreams of living as an artist resemble their worst nightmares, there are months of sleepless nights & scary trips to the banks yet in spite of all the pressure, the self expectation & the stress it all seems worth the risk to live from their artistic talent.

The Pound Lane Market kinda organically created itself upon the idea of human kindness.  Groups of friends trading amongst themselves, helping to promote each others concepts & helping to make their community more ethical, kinder & more supportive. Many of the companies donate some percentage of their profits to charities or help to support local communities in countries less fortunate than Hong Kong.

Pound Lane Market. A Winter Gathering of the Arts. December 14th. Tai On Terrace on Pound Lane . Sheung Wan

Free Yoga classes & Workshops, Artistic Market, Fashion & Party

Buy thoughtful gifts for your loved ones & celebrate artistic community with us.

Merry Christmas & a healthy New Year.


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