AcroYoga in Hong Kong

Jenny Sauer- Klein & Jason Nemer founded AcroYoga in America in 2003.

They diligently worked at codifying an Acrobatic practice & melding it into a loving form of Yoga & Healing Arts. The high level of rigorous, practice, apprenticeship & training of AcroYoga certified teachers is founded on years of training & mentor ship. AcroYoga’s platinum level of standards is exemplary as is AcroYoga’s track record for safety & ethical conduct .

What we now know today as AcroYoga is the  result of over a decade of refinements in the  practice & in Teacher Training. This pre-requistite for quality has placed AcroYoga as a global presence in the realm of modern day Yoga.   The experience and time invested to become certified is also measured by how the teachers work in their communities & how they strive to go beyond the physical practice to honour & serve their students.

There is a misconception amongst the public at large & here in my home town of Hong Kong that AcroYoga is a dare devil physical practice of gravity defying acrobatics.  I often ask first time students to define what they think AcroYoga is.  For the most part they have seen YouTube videos of talented AcroYoga Teachers presenting the most advanced poses and sequences. Maybe they have observed an outdoor gathering of AcroYogis throwing themselves into exciting positions, or glossy  photos in the media of beautiful AcroYogis in contorted positions.

All this glamorisation of the practice misleads the public to believe that AcroYoga is a ‘sport’ or an activity practiced by adventure seekers. They are right to some extent AcroYoga is impressive & more often than not it is breath taking to observe.  AcroYoga  can be thrilling, it does give you a great workout, it makes you stronger, more flexible &  it does make you look like a cool dude to outsiders.  However there are many facets to AcroYoga.  When I first arrived in Hong Kong nobody seemed aware of the therapeutics of the practice & the good it has done to ordinary folk like myself to feel better in their lives.   When I arrived in Hong Kong many students came up to me with their cell phones asking me how to get them in to that or this  AcroYoga position.  Students  would even come to class and ask the ‘trick’  to getting in to a Pose.

The students are not to be blamed into believing that AcroYoga is about getting in to a great pose. READ THIS WELL.

The practice of AcroYoga  is not about getting into a great poses it is about living in greatness & bringing greatness to others. For me AcroYoga is a healing journey, it changed my Yoga Practice.  I shifted from being on the Yoga mat for myself to being on my mat with others. Helping my partners to over come their challenges & being helped by others to overcome my own hurdles both physically, emotionally & spiritually.

AcroYoga is my cure to my ailments it inspires me, it  guides me & more importantly it gives me the motivation to keep on practicing Mind, Body & Spirit awareness.  Ok & it’s also lots of fun & really cool 😉

I dedicate this article to Mélanie Logerot  who was my AcroYoga mentor, my AcroMama, my AcroSister & my friend x Thanks for showing me the loving side of theraputics & training me to be your  assistant & eventually to be your coteacher, your AcroPartner & your friend for life.

Yoga BamBam has two weekly AcroYoga classes

AcroYoga at Yoga Bambam

28 Pound Lane. Sheung Wan. Hong Kong

Wednesdays 8.30pm

Sunday 10.15am

150$ first time guest to each Yoga BamBam teacher

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