Full Moon Yoga . Meditation & Tea – December 6th

Embrace the energy that surrounds you.

Learn how to harness & control the natural power from outside &  from within.

Deepen your Yoga & Meditation practice by delving in this restorative yet empowering monthly gathering.

These enjoyable sessions are refreshing, recharging, renewing & help to cleanse our physical, emotional & spiritual self. We are very honoured that Cornelie Holm chose Yoga BamBam to lead her Yoga, Meditation & Tea events in our studio.  Cornelie is a holistic life style guide, her loving presence is inspiring yet calming.  It simply feels good to be near her, her Shamanic sessions are voyages into forgotten times of freedom & joy.

Everybody is welcome to join these enriching easy flowing classes.  Wear comfortable attire, no need to wear sports clothes – this is more of an interior workout than  an exterior one.  These Full Moon events are perfect for beginners & those who want a nourishing Yoga class as the physical level is light & caring. However the Full Moon events are  immensely beneficial for advanced practitioners as these soulful sessions explore levels of consciousness & connectivity to reinforce the global self.

The Yoga segment of the class undulates around the Moon salutations, these are therapeutic intuitive sequences that are accessible to everyBODY & open to self expression. The Yoga & Meditation sessions are infused with natural incense that Cornelie lovingly hand blends herself. The studio is filled with sweet lavender,  earthy sage & exotic fragrances that help to ease the energy into deeper or higher states of awareness & relaxation.  The music is trance like & recorded from ethnic tribes from all over the world.

The meditative state of the journey is prolonged during the tea session where the class becomes a gathering.  This tea time is a special moment & time to quietly speak, be silent, or to ask questions or share the experience.

Cornelie is the founder of Wild! happy& free* a holistic lifestyle & fashion brand.  After the session  Cornelie offers a small selection of her home made goods to sample & to purchase. These Hand blended teas, herbs & incense help to prolong the effects of the monthly classes & fill your home with positive cleansing energy. Yoga BamBam uses these herbs in the studio throughout the month to maintain a space of acceptance & positive harmony in the studio.  Wild Happy Free also produces an organic line of jewelry & fashion items which make unique gifts for oneself  & for others.

To reserve your Full Moon Yoga, Meditation please visit Yoga BamBam schedule under Events.

Wild! happy& free*

Yoga BamBam is just a 10 minute walk from the  Central escalator yet the studio is light years  away from the hustle and the bustle of Central Hong Kong. Poho / Tai Ping Shan is the artistic neighbourhood of Sheung Wan.  The studio sits on the historical terrace of the Pound Lane stairways that link Sheung wan to the Mid Levels.  Some how Yoga BamBam is thankfully lost in the labyrinth of  Hong Kong’s dazzlingly high sky scrapers.  The district still maintains its quiet village ambiance.  Come visit & feel the difference.

Please reserve for all classes and events. We are a boutique studio & can only accept a few students.

To reserve your Full Moon Yoga, Meditation & Tea click here.

Drop ins are welcome please book online  Register as UNPAID then pay in cash  after the class.

Full Moon Yoga Meditation & Tea – Yoga BamBam – 28 Pound Lane – Sheung Wan

December  6th @ 6.pm – 7.30pm

January 3rd @ 6.pm – 7.30pm

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