Yoga & Detachment

This is an article written by a Yoga Teacher living in Hong Kong.  The Teacher asked me to keep their identity hidden for professional reasons.

I teach Yoga, I am a Yoga Teacher.  Yoga takes up a huge chunk of my life both professionally & with the friendships that I have made over my years living in Hong Kong.

For those who know me, I’m usually a happy go lucky person. I’m not really the emotional type.  However life is life & I suffered a large amount of heart ache these past few months. I have not been my positive self for some time now. So there I was in my tiny HK apartment sat with my cat in front of my lap top.  I was feeling sorry for myself & moping around on Face book when I saw this really funny post.
Somehow a smirk turned in to  a smile then a giggle then into a  fit of laughter.  I had literally gone from sadness to joy in a few seconds. I had detached myself from my own emotional strife.  On realising what had just happened I chose to free myself of my woe.  To unhook myself from my unhappiness & to  start over with a fresh  mind & heart.
I sat there with my cat & my computer on my lap &  I simply moved on.  I just let go of the pain.  Sometimes we find life lessons in the most unusual moments.
After a good old giggle I thought to myself how much my Yoga practice has progressed.
My story is a very common one of the transformational effects of Yoga. I am naturally flexible & took to Yoga like a duck to water. I started Yoga many years ago & concentrated on the physical aspect of Asana & weight loss.  As my practice deepened I learned how to lose the negativity in my life.  I lost addictions, gave up bad habits &  kept only a handful of my good friends.
Yoga & meditation have liberated me from myself.  I now believe that I  was drawn to Yoga in the first place because I needed to make all these changes in my life.    At the time when I started Yoga I was too lost & wasn’t aware of myself enough to realise how much I needed to evolve.
As I spiritually grew so did my relationship with myself & with others. Now I’m starting to understand that the world is a reflection of my thoughts & that the more I meditate the better my life is.
Yoga teaches self detachment meditation is a tool in the art of letting go of oneself and seeing the whole picture.
This article is dedicated to those silly Facebook posts & to Yogic practice.  Thanks to Melanie for asking me to write in Yoga Bambam’s new blog !!!
Writing this down has helped me  to realise how much I had been trapped & how far I have come since I first stepped into a Yoga Studio.
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