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Flip your World Around at Yoga BamBam Published in HK Magazine • Weird Yoga August 2014 

Become an Acrobat

AcroYoga is a partner-based practice that draws on the power of acrobatic techniques and involves plenty of balancing poses and stretches. Really advanced instructors and practitioners take on an almost uncanny ability to twist, flip and move in sync. But it’s not just for those with years of training. Anyone can practice Acro yoga, no matter your size, since classes usually include a spotter to help you keep your balance. It’s also a very popular practice to take outdoors during the summer months it’s common to see AcroYogis practicing on the beach or in Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park. Try it: Yogabambam, 28 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan., $150 for first-time trials, $200/lesson. Acroyoga Hong Kong & Beyond also provides free monthly sessions where you can socialize and stretch with other AcroYogis. written by Evelyn Lok

Yoga BamBam was featured as an alternative ways to practice Yoga  & exercise in Hong Kong. AcroYoga was mentioned as a way to break away from the traditional Yoga routines that the city has become used to.  Indeed AcroYoga is exciting, some would say thrilling yet with a Yogic mind and a sense of sacredness towards the practice , yourself and your partners AcroYoga is indeed a spiritual and mindful Yoga Practice. Most often than not AcroYoga in portrayed in the media as being highly acrobatic yet the truth is that AcroYoga is just as much an internal exercise than one of a way to have fun & keep in shape. Further more no experience nor partner is needed to join the welcoming classes which are designed to build confidence & empower everyBODY.

AcroYoga •Wednesdays 8.30pm • Sundays 10.15am • No Membership • Online Booking• 150$ first time guests, 200$ regular Drop ins, 700$ for 4 classes, 1200$ for 8 classes • • 28 Pound Lane Sheung Wan Hong Kong

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