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Talking Shop: Melanie B of Yoga BamBam


Mary Hanbury speaks to the spirited zen yogi about the mantra behind her new studio.

In the heart of Poho, in her softly lit studio, Yogi Melanie B is teaching the art of Thai Therapeutic Massage, the final part of her AcroYoga class. “Healing,” she says, “is not just by touching someone, it is by giving them love.”

Yoga BamBam is more than just an exercise studio – it teaches relaxation, spiritual healing and healthy living. For owner Melanie B, yoga isn’t just about the pose. “It’s who you are in the pose that counts and it’s who you are off the Yoga mat, and how you live your life that matters,” she says with assurance. She certainly lives her life by this mantra, buzzing with energy, exuding confidence and charm as she teaches her classes.

The whole concept behind Yoga BamBam derives from B’s Jamaican upbringing where a ‘Bam Bam’ is a party which all attendees contribute something to, whether it be food or a performance. The style of her classes follows this idea, with people encouraged to get creative and explore the sensation of their poses. Conducted in small groups of eight or 10, classes are intimate and interactive, ensuring that the teachers can understand the capabilities of their students. Each instructor at BamBam teaches one specific type of Yoga – the type they are the best at.

Alongside the weekly classes of Aerial Yoga, Yoga and dance, Yoga for kids and AcroYoga are a series of pop-up workshops that combine varying musical influences. During some classes, students are invited to practice Yoga while learning the hand drum at the same time. The idea behind this is that students can discover their inner rhythm to boost confidence. In Hip Hop Yoga and Rapping, students get to shake off their daily stresses and are encouraged to ‘get into their inner groove’ as well.

The main aim of Yoga BamBam is clear – it aims to lead students toward a healthier and happier physical and mental mindset. “What I can transmit to my students is joy; this is basically what BamBam is – it’s an expression of joy.”

Yoga Bam Bam 28 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan; yogabambam.com


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