Yoga Hip Hop @ Wanderlust – Paris

Yoga Hip Hop is a Yoga class that mixes the Zen attitude of Yoga with the energy of Hip Hop.
No experience in Yoga nor in Dance is needed for everBODY to enjoy this workshop.
This introduction to Yoga Hip Hop is inspired from the modern hybrids of Yoga coming from the ever growing Yoga scene in America.
Melanie is a qualified Yoga Teacher in Paris & Internationally.  She will be hosting the Yoga Hip Hop class & representing  the Canadian sports & lifestyle company Lolë.
She explains  – I was totally sceptical about this new Yoga fusion until I fell in love with it during a trip to New York city in 2012.
The  root word of Yoga is translated to mean Union. Union of the mind, body & spirit to reunite with the infinitive power of the universe.
Yoga Hip Hop unites the ancient discipline & wisdom of  Yoga with our modern day culture, it is similar to other forms of eastern wellness arts like Tai- Chi which combines power with grace, movement with stillness & other opposing energies that are also classically explored in Yoga.
The auto compositor & DJ from Paris DJ Kayser will be mixing during the Yoga class to harmonise the music with the ambiance of the participants at Wanderlust. 
For those of you that don’t know Wanderlust, it is a Night Club & Center of Art &Fashion  in a new futuristic building along the left banks of the river seine in Paris.  Lolë has been offering free Yoga classes at Wanderlust now since 2012 to record breaking numbers of  Parisian Yogis.  Melanie’s debut on the outdoor terrace of Wanderlust was an instant success with nearly 200 people showing up to join in her Yoga class that turned in to a surf themed Yoga class due to the rain.  
Melanie – That first experience at Wanderlust was fantastic.  I’d flown back the night before from my summer holidays in Ibiza.  I was in a great mood.  When I stood  on the stage in front of the crowd of smiling faces I was overjoyed & almost levitating on my Yoga mat.  Half way in to the Yoga class the heaven’s opened up & within moments everyBODY was completely drenched.  I just didn’t want to stop the  Yoga class, we were all having so much fun.   It felt so good to be outside communing with nature in the middle of Paris.  So I looked at the DJ & gave him the sign to turn up the volume & that’s then the PARTY really started.      
The Yoga Hip Hop classes at Wanderlust during the colder months have proved to be a huge hit as they are held in the Night Club, the lighting system & DJ help to elevate the positively electric vibe, it really is an uplifting experience.

So come along.  Check it out. The Yoga class is free of charge & open to everBody over 15 years old.  Melanie is also a Yoga Instructor for children & Families. Please bring your own Yoga mat & sign up for the event on the Lolë face book site. Please also note that all Teenagers must be accompanied by an adult.
Cité de la Mode et du Design
32 Quai d’Austerlitz 75013
13/4 2013
18H- 19H
Venez découvrir ce cours de Yoga qui unit la Zen attitude du Yoga avec l’énergie du Hip Hop.
Aucune expérience de Yoga ni de danse n’est requise. Chacun va y trouver son niveau et son bonheur. 
 Cette introduction du Yoga Hip Hop venue des États Unis est l’opportunité idéale pour
essayer cette Union de Body, Mind, Spirit & Mouvement.

Melanie de YogaFitness  sera votre professeur de Yoga a Wanderlust  pour le séance de Yoga Hip Hop- Tout les niveaux sont le bienvenu.
Lolë organise des cours gratuits et des rencontres a Paris, Montréal, New
York et Biarritz, Partager ces évènements avec vos amis.

Ambassadrice pour Lolë Melanie donne des cours de Yoga, Fitness & de Danse pour
Adultes, Enfants et Familles a Paris et Internationment.

Pour ce cours de Yoga gratuit, l’âge minimum des enfants est de 15 ans (accompagné d’un adulte)

C’est conseiller de amènerai votre tapis de Yoga avec vous.
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