Ewok Jams @ le 104 on Saturdays in Paris

my name is Melanie Yoga Fitness
I’m not a Tree
I’m not an Elf
I’m kinda inbetween
Yes, I’m an Ewok……
An Ewok in Jedi training

If you want to Acro with an Ewok
I will be at the 104 @ 16H.

Because the floor is made of cement I strongly advise beginners not to join in.
As with all diciplines it’s better to start in a nuturing environment. The AcroYoga Monday class at Studio Keller @ 20H30 is the PERFECT place for all levels with myself & the fully qualified AcroYoga teacher Melanie Logerot.
Bring your Yoga mat, like I mentioned the floor is hard & cold. 


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