The Yoga Evening at the Hotel Le Six in Paris

The ambiance at the Yoga evening at the Hotel Le Six in Paris was joyful & surprisingly festive.  The class started 30 minutes late due to the fact that everybody was drinking  champagne that the hotel had kindly offered them.  
I waited at the bar with my glass of water in hand wondering how this ‘Evening Zen’ was going to unfold.  They all seemed so nice & motivated even though this was  their first  Yoga experience.
I reassured them that it wasn’t necessary to have any experience , that it didn’t matter if they were not flexible.  

The Hotel was buzzing with people meeting after work, my Yoga group fit perfectly in to the crowd of 30 somethings in the lobby & bar Hotel.
Once the Yoga class eventually started, we were all in such a party mood that I decided to give the group an introduction to Flying Partner Yoga.
After 5 minutes their smiles turned in to laughter as they realised that their preconceived ideas of Yoga were changing.  They were enjoying themselves so much at one point that the Hotel guests began to gather around the open door, curious to see where all the laughter was coming from.
As a Yoga Instructor one of the things I love about my work is convincing the new students that Yoga is for everyBODY.
I had a fabulous time at the Yoga Evening at the 4 star Hotel.  The 6 has a really good vibe, I’m glad that the manager decided to move the Yoga class next to the lobby & the bar.  I had not imagined that such a highly respected Hotel could be so funky. 
After the class everybody changed back in to their office clothes & of course headed back to the Hotel bar.  

This time I accepted a glass of champagne & ended my evening of Yoga chatting with these ever so charming people.
Thank to the staff at Hotel le Six for their caring professionalism & for making the night a wonderful experience.

Here are some of the photos that I took during the class.

14 Rue Stanislas
75006 Paris
01 42 22 00 75
Soirée Yoga à l’hôtel Le Six
28 Février 2013 @ 19H45

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