Eygptian Yoga influenced Fitness & Dance in Paris.

This trimester of Fitness has been influenced by my curiosity of Egyptian Yoga. My exploration of the culture of Egypt has inspired me not only through my Yoga practice but also to create this exercise/ dance class.
This trimester’s Fitness class will be a salutation to the Goddess Isis with music ranging from middle eastern music to relaxing African rhythms.
Body coaching is a group exercise class that combines gentle holistic movements with easy to follow dance moves to create a safe yet effective health oriented Fitness program.
The age range of the participants is very broad as all the exercises can be adapted to most fitness levels.
Melanie is a Fitness, Dance & Yoga teacher living in Paris this trimester of Body Coaching is truly a mixture of all 3 elements of Yoga, Fitness & Dance.
Yoga Fitness -A happy mind in a healthy body.

Exercise that is respectful to the body & created to be enjoyed.This trimester the Fitness class is a mix of artistic Yoga Dance ( Yoga in Motion) & exercise.

Body Coaching style Isis
Thursdays 9H30 – 10H15
The Dance Studio Solane
1 bis rue de le Grande Chaumiere 75006.
Followed by Yoga at 10H15

All Levels of Fitness & Age are welcome –
16 to 96 years

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