American Cheer in Paris

Reasonably great tasting food. 
Fun ambiance.
Smiling people. 
Amazing service. 
Yes we are still in Paris. 

 PG’s café has now become my favourite places to be in the city . The pancakes ,salads & crepes are home cooked & fresh, like all the food at this quirky little love shack. 
 I have been going there everyday, even twice a day for some time now. After living in Paris for 11 years I have finally found a place that I can call my local !!!
Go figure, the owner is a New Yorker. 

Christopher is just one of those people who I like. 
He has a great vibe, even when he’s ranting on about something or other.  The man is just funny. I don’t know how many languages he speaks, so far I have heard him cheerfully telling rib tickling jokes in both French, English & Spanish. The neighbourhood sure is a happier place with him here.
The husband & wife team work well together. He is upfront with his charming & zany sense of humour whilst Egona is behind in the kitchen cooking amazingly innovative & tasty dishes.  For some time now they have even managed to rope their oldest son in to the team.
Christopher’s taste in music is just as delicious as the food at PG’s. I love to go there in the mornings whilst they are busy preparing the food. When there aren’t so many clients there he turns the volume up a little bit & lets the good times roll.  
It really is my kind of place. I thought that I had heard mostly all of our generations music, but no. Being at PG’s is also a musical adventure. The music is so eclectic that you just never know what song will come up next, but you do know that it will be a good one.
If you are in the 6th take a trip on over to the ‘Bar à Manger’ . You won’t regret it. This Café & Take Out joint is a welcome addition to the 6th district of Paris. It adds more than a pinch of New York dazzle & grit to our ever so chic quartier.

If you see me there please say “Bonjour”. Melanie is a British Expat she teaches Yoga, Fitness & Dance in Paris. Here are her websites if you just happen to want to take a class before or after your visit to PG’s. & Facebook

PG’s Bar à Manger
15 rue d’Assas Paris 75006
01 42 22 35 89

Produit frais, fais maison. Sur place ou à emporter.
Lundi- Vendredi 8h30 – 20H Samedi – 10h30 – 18H
Hey you American’s if your feeling a little home sick there will be pumpkin on the menu for Thanks Giving !!

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