Invitation Yoga Hula Hoop Workshop with Melanie & Lolë.

Atelier Gratuit – Yoga Hula Hoop pour les Ados & les Adultes

Lolë Atelier
9 rue des Blancs Manteaux 75004
Dimanche 27 Mai 11H30 – 12H30.
Yuga Hula Hoop est un cours qui utilise des Hula Hoop legers afin d’ameliorer les poses de Yoga.
Il n’est pas necessaire d’avoir de l’experience pour apprécier ce cours simple et renforcant.

Le Hula Hoop aide a se relaxer et a harmoiser nos energies en combinant les exercices de respiration, le Yoga et le mouvement du cerceau. En plus d’etre agréable à faire, le Hua Hoop aide la coordinaion et la flexibilité du corps.

Yoga Hula Hoop is a Yoga class that uses a light weight Hula Hoop to enhance  the Yoga poses. It is not necessary to have any prior experience to enjoy this simple, empowering & hypnotic class.

The Hula Hoop helps us to relax & harmonise our energy levels by combining Yogic breathing exercises & Yoga positions to flow with the spiraling hoop. As well as being lots of fun, the hoop helps to build coordination, concentration & flexibility.
Melanie is a British Yoga Instructor & Dance Teacher in Paris.
When I first began to hulahoop just over a year ago I surprisingly found myself Yoga hooping rather than dancing. There are many ways & styles to use a hoop most people like to learn tricks, play & dance with their hoops. I prefer to stay grounded in various Yoga positions & allow to hoop to fly around me.
My Yoga & hooping experiences are very similar, they are more of an inner sensation than a visual performance. The Hoop helps me to relax. I find Yoga Hula Hooping to be similar to meditation. Time seems to stand still. I loose my ego & find my true self playing with my inner child.
I’m certainly not an advanced Hula Hooper I blame my ever thriving Yoga, Fitness & Dance business & my 2 young daughters from keeping me away from studying the Hoop seriously.

I do however try to continue what I learnt from being in the enlightening presence of the American Yoga Hula Hoop Teacher Shaki Sunfire.

Shaki is my idol, she was on the cover of the April 2012 edition of the Yoga Journal for her beauty , power a grace.
As a Yoga Instructor I hope to transmit her liberating force & elegance with my own students.
After a session of Yoga Hula Hooping I feel recharged with an abundance of calm, positive energy. I feel happier, stronger & lighter.
As well as teaching Yoga to adults I mainly use the Hula Hoops in my Kids & Family Yoga classes in Paris. Globally speaking the hoop has been a huge Yoga success.  

I’m so excited to have joined forces with the Canadian clothing company Lolë. We share the same passion in encouraging women to enjoy a healthy & happy lifestyle.
The Yoga mats & Hula Hoops are provided. Dress in comfortable Fitness/Yoga clothing & please bring your sense of play with you.

“Let yourself be wildly creative in your expression – you never know what’s going to come out of it.” – Shakti Sunfire
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