Step & Danse style Burlesque – Paris

Quel temps de chien !!! Essayons d’en profiter au maximum en essayant la nouvelle choré de Step & Danse Burlesque.

Je serai a Hong Kong la semaine prochaine. C’est donc la dernière chance aujourd’hui  pour s’éclater ensemble avant mon retour le 8 Mai.
Le Centre de Danse Alesia
119 Ave Géneral LeClerc
Step & Dance style Burlesque
Dimanche 18H30
Mercredi 20H
The weather may be grey here in  Paris but you can still shine like a star. Make the most of this rainy Sunday & try the new Choreography. 
Step & Dance ‘Burlesque’ will wash away  all those bad weather blues with its raunchy mix of traditional & modern moves & beats.  
More than a Dance class we use an exercise Step during  the entire hour to tone up your lovely limbs & raise your body temperature to the point that you will be glowing from head to toe.
The Step is our podium, our prop in this ever so tastefully naughty trimester.
Every 12 weeks we discover a new style of Dance. At the end of the 3rd trimester ( June/July) we revisit the 3 easy to follow choreography’s of the year. 
This year the 3 styles of were
Step & Dance style ‘British’
Step & Dance style ‘Latino’
Step & Dance style ‘Burlesque’
I’m in Hong Kong next week so today is your chance to enjoy my company until my return on the 8th of May.

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