J’assiter a le Flashmob Batailles de Polochon à Paris

If you were not one of the 200 people that went to the Feathered Flash mob then you really missed a rollicking good time.

Contrary to what one might imagine this giant Pillow Fight was not a violent gathering at all. It was wonderfully friendly with quite a lot of families there & revellers dressed up in fancy dress.
I took both my children with me to the Sacré Coeur in Paris to celebrate the International Pillow Fight Day. We actually started our friendly battle the moment we woke up so you can imagine how excited we were once we finally merged with the hoard of partying youngsters.
Both my kids had pillows although my 2 year old oddly took a nap amidst the laughter, howls & screams & missed it all.
It was soooooo much fun. I found myself giggling so hard that at times that I couldn’t even swing my pillow to defend myself. Le plats du Jour of this French Flash mob was – 5 or so people joining together to beat their pillows against one person. Beating that person to the ground them moving on to form another group.
It was so liberating romping around with complete strangers, joining in different groups then running off to beat a total stranger that looked like they’d be good fun to play with.
Among the blizzard of feathers & stuffed toys I think that we all returned to a time when we were carefree children. For a few precious moments we all forgot the outside world & entered into a cushioned world of stuffed toys & play.
There are many schools of Laughing Yoga & Laughing groups around the planet meant to relieve stress & anxiety. Well this mass pillow fight proved to me how therapeutic merry frolicking can be. After a good hour of high spirited play everybody threw their pillows, cushions & stuffed toys in the air & left the Sacré Coeur feeling lighter, happier & somehow a little younger.
As we left a gentle breeze was blowing the feathers gaily around the Sacré Coeur , there were so many of them in the air that it almost looked like it was snowing.
It truly was a Magical Flash mob. 
Dear reader please come with me to the next Pillow Fight you won’t regret it.
I am an expat British Yoga Teacher, Personal Coach ,Dance Instructor & Yoga Hula Hooper enjoying myself in Paris.
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