All movements create a vibration, have you ever asked yourself what vibration our planet makes?

has several meanings
Such as
The sound of Creation
The sound of the Universe
The beginning of Life

Om contains 4 separate sounds
ah/oh/mmmm/ Silence

The Benefits of OM
Releases Tension
Promotes positivity
Creates a feeling of wellbeing
Fills the self with powerful energy
Aids in spiritual growth

Sit comfortably with your back straight , legs crossed, (Sukasana) place hands in the lap or in other various Yogic hand positions (mudras)
Inhale. On the exhalation begin chanting OM.
Remember the 4 distint parts
Chant twice more or continue .

Tout movement créé une vibration, vous etes vous deja demandé quel vibration notre planete et l’Univers produisent ?

Om symbolise:
Le Sons de L’Univers
Le sons de la Creation
Le commencement de la vie

Om a 4 sons separés
Ah / Oh / Mmm / Silence

Asseyez vous comfortablement (voir photo)
Dites Om en exhalant

N’oubliez pas de faire vibrer les 4 sons
Ah / Oh / Mmm / Silence
Recommencez encore 2 fois ou Continuez.

Enjoy !


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