One of my non religious Mantras for living in the Here & the Now

I am not a Hindu. I’m actually not into religion of any form. I don’t pray to Hindu Gods nor am I an avid fan of Kirtan. I actually don’t even understand Bhakti Yoga. All those elaborate rituels of worshiping Hindu statues seems pretty materialistic & odd to me.
Isn’t the practice of Yoga about not hanging on to exterior objects in a goal to be liberated from this illusionary world?
In this case why are so many Yogis attached to their Mala beads & why are they so dependant on their (non)religion?
Please do not misinterpret this article, every one is intitled to worship what ever they please.  
After all I believe that we are all Divine Atoms. (wow atom & Atman do sound pretty close !?! 😉

The lyrics from Dust in the Wind by Kansas capture my Yogic believes about the impermanence of our existence. The song speaks about not hanging on to the trappings of all that is around us.

Before I became addicted to Yoga , I was addicted to LOTS of other things. Now I am still attached to the ones I love & to a FEW other things. Given the choice I would gladly choose to keep what I love, for I do realise that all things are just Dust in the Wind.
This song is one of my Mantras for living & respecting the here & the now.


Melanie is a laïc Yoga Instructor in Paris for Adults, Families &

This article was not intended to disrespect Hinduism or any other religion.
We are all divine spirits.
Hey I even enjoy a good Kirtan once in a while 😉
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