Learning Yoga poses

Yoga is the art of non violence, non violence against others and yourself. Non violence in your actions in words and even in your thoughts. For me, non violence is the most important and profound lesson in the practice of Yoga . Please keep this sense of peacefulness in mind when you find yourself struggling to get into a Yoga pose. We come to Yoga not to stress ourselves out about doing a ‘picture perfect pose’ we come to Yoga to release tension and to be in a state of love. Of course it is important to try all the poses. I often tell my students ( even the advanced ones ) to ” try not to try so hard.”

Yoga is about patience, study, perserverance and acceptance.

Yoga has sadly become an Industry where more often than not the media uses only images of body beautiful Fitness models or teachers doing fabulously difficult poses. I call this ‘Glamour Yoga’ . Real Yoga is quite different. Real Yoga is about people of all shapes , ages and sizes over coming physical and mental blocages. Its about gracefully falling and getting back up again and trying again until one day , maybe after weeks , months or maybe years that ‘difficult posture’ is’nt so difficult after all.

Real Yoga is a wonderfully long journey. Along the way we may come across dead ends, round abouts, blocages and difficult situations. Real Yoga is not about performance nor perfect alignment , these are mearly superficial physical elements .Yes a regular Yoga practice will help us become healthier, more flexible and stronger yet if all the aspects of Yoga are sincerely practiced we also become more peaceful , kinder and more accepting. We learn how to be more self -accepting and how to calmly go with the flow. As the branches of a tree sway in the wind we also should learn how to calmly surrender while holding our ground.

All those years back when I first began learning Yoga I saw it as a physical challenge, as a sport. I huffed and I puffed but I kept falling down. I now realise that Yoga is a life lesson . Just between you and me I still have quite a few postures that I still can not do. I have accepted the fact that for now some things are just beyond my reach. However now I am more loving to myself . I no longer grit my teeth and hurt myself or my ever diminishing ego. Now I simply try the poses with a smile in my heart and with my fingers crossed 😉

Be kind to yourself and keep on trying , the journey is long.

I am a qualified Yoga teacher in Paris who speaks both English and French. I am available for Private Coaching in small or large groups for enterprises, at Home, in The Garden and in a Private Dance Studio. If you are interested you are more than welcome to join in a group class or contact me. You can also become my friend on Facebook & even join my Page YogaFitness.fr

For you expats or those of you who want to improve your foreign language skills the classes are in English and in French.

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