Everybody is the miracle – Take a look around

We are all beautiful, fabulous, talented, special, amazing people.
To prove my point just take a look at the people around you.
Look at them with your heart & make the effort to discover what makes them so wonderful.
You can also do the same test by looking at yourself.

Yoga is more than just being flexible, strong, or stress free.

It is about being able to love everybody for who they are.

The simple truth is that we are all part of the same miracle.

Yoga helps us connected to that truth.

My Yoga teacher called this unifying truth ‘Atman’.
Bob Marley sang of ‘One Love’
Moby sang that ‘We are all made of Stars’

Human, plant, mineral or animal
We are Terrains, we are all on the same Mothership spinning through Time & Space together .
Finally the differences between us are minute compared to our shared brotherhood.

Everybody is the miracle
The only veil that separates us from being one is an illusion.
Open up your eyes & look around.
Its just an illusion.

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