Raining in Paris

Rain, Rain, & even More Rain …………

Bring your umbrella with you if you are going to be visiting Paris. Wet , stormy , weather is putting a dampers on all our outdoor festivities.

The ‘Fun Yoga for Everybody’ in the Jardin du Luxembourg on the 24th of July is cancelled due to this unseasonably cold weather.

7 Fun things to do in Paris during the rain….

1. Visit the many museums , shops & art expositions.
2. Visit the Catacombs – you are underground !

3. Visit Euro Disney / The Eiffel Tower – at least you won’t wast
e time waiting in long lines.
4. There are lots of romantic restaurants in this amaz
ing city. – wine & cheese taste even better in such a cosy environment.
5. Take a few Yoga classes – Paris is a good city for all things Yoga.

6. Catch a Show- you are spoiled for choice.
7. Just forget that it’s summer & imagine that you are enjoying the city in Autumn !

Melanie is a Yoga Teacher for children in Paris

& also teaches Yoga ,Fitness & Dance to adults.

D’accord le stage d’été ‘ Fun Yoga pour Tous’ resemble trop a un stage d’hiver.

J’annule donc le cours dans le Jardin du Luxembourg demain le 24 Juillet.

Je vous tiens au courant pour les prochains evenements ‘Yoga en Septembre.’

Have a nice Summer.

Melanie est un Professeur Certifié de Yoga, Fitness & Dance à Paris et une maman de 2 enfants. Si vous souhaitez avoir plus d’informations, connectez vous sur ces 2 sites:

www.YogaFitness.fr & www.YogaEnfants.com

Certifié par Rainbow Kids Yoga ®

Telephone 06 18 02 35 58

E mail – melalifax@gmail.com

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