Fun Yoga at The White House & in Paris

Fun Yoga Party on the lawn of The White House.

‘Get up and Go’ was the theme of this years Annual White House Spring Party.

The focus of the event was to encourage “America’s youth to lead healthy and active lives”.

30,000 children and families took part in the various day long Yoga classes.

Surely this is the right direction to go in spreading peace & positive l
ife style choices in a country that suffers from so much obesity & violence.

The Obama family are Yoga Fans, the First Lady Michelle Obama is a Yoga enthusiast as well as her mother & 2 children.

This was the 3rd consecutive year that there was a ‘Yoga Garden’ at the annual Easter event.

Yoga in the White Houses is part of Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move !’ campaign which hopes to encourage
kids to be active and excited about exercise.


Melanie is a Yoga, Fitness & Dance Teacher in Paris. After seeing how much fun the parents were having in her Kids Yoga classes she decided to create ‘Fun Yoga for Everybody’. These weekend workshops are designed to be enjoyed by adults, teenagers & kids.

Melanie firmly believes that the most important element of exercise is that it should be enjoyable.

ids love to play, to use their imaginations & to be free to discover themselves. Yoga gives them the power to harness the huge potential that is inside of them.

Now thanks to these open workshops the adults can also join in on the fun whether they have children themselves
or not.

During the Summer months the majestuous Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris & the Champs de Mars (10/9)will be the location of Fun Yoga workshops for children & for everybody else.

Come alone or with a group of friends all you need is a sense of adventure to enjoy these classes.

For more details you can visit

Through out the year Melanie also gives weekly Baby & Kids Yoga classes & workshops.

These classes are non religious & equally open for the parents to participate in.

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