This way to Happiness

OK I finally admitted it to myself. I am a pleasure Junkie. I am completely addicted to being happy. I am for the most parts ‘Blissed out’, or near a total state of bliss. My life is wonderful. For sure it is not perfect, as it is still a work in progress yet “wow” I feel lucky. Lucky, to be surrounded by kind people. Lucky to have a job that I love. How cool is it that as a Yoga, Fitness & Dance teacher I go to work every day to make people feel healthier & happier. A rewarding day is one filled with smiles & achievement. Love & laughter.
Yet I believe that we are all capable of choosing to live in bliss. We are all free to create a minute, an hour, and therefore a lifetime of happiness. Joy is not about who you are, what you are, who you are with or what you are doing. Joy is internal. It comes from how you feel & how you think. Once you find what makes you happy, hold onto that feeling & try to find it in everything you do. Whether you are enjoying a meal, taking a bath or scrubbing the floor the act of being joyous comes from being in a state of perpetual gratitude & peace.

I don’t want to take the tone of a guru, but I believe that the secret to my happiness is the fact that I have found a conscious state where I try to be fully focused on the present moment & nothing else.
My everyday life is a form of meditation, of living in the now. When I take a bath, I think of nothing besides from the sensation of myself & the water. When I eat I savour every mouthful of food. When I work I think of nothing else. When I play, I play. When I walk , I walk. I find that this one mindedness is not only relaxing but it is also very efficient. I don’t waste energy on things I’m not doing, I enjoy what I am doing.
The last important part of the art of being happy is to construct a universe around you that is full of positive energy. Positive food, positive thoughts, positive actions, positive places & people. As happiness is contagious all that then needs to be done is for you to share it with everbody else. Enjoy.

Melanie is a Yoga Fitness & Dance teacher living in Paris – France. Her classes are in French & English. You can contact her, follow her blogs & & even join her on Facebook.

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