Retour Ver le Futur – 1980’s Step & Dance in Paris

Comme chaque année pendant les dernieres semaines à Danse Alesia, on revient sur toutes les chorés que nous avons faite pendant l’année. C’est l’opportunite parfaite de tester l’ambiance si vous avez raté les cours ou meme des trimestres entiers.

Les derniere seances de l’année sonts Step & Danse années 80’s.

Venez vous defouler dans l’ambiance electrique et kitch de cette belle epoque de Fitness et de Danse.

La Choré est facile a suivre, invitez vos amies! ca sera fun!

Pas de Cours le le 13 Juillet
Fin des cours le 27 Juillet
Les Cours de Step & Dance recommençants le 7 Septembre avec un choré completement different.

Please note that our
Step & Dance 1980’s class will be a lot more tasteful & more respectful to the articulations ( Low Impact) than what you see on the video 😉 !!!
Our Simple to follow Danse class is based on Modern Jazz moves from the 80’s & slightly influenced by the Aerobic moves of the 80’s 😉

Back To The Future – 1980’s S
Hope that you liked the cheesy 1980’s Aerobics video. We have come a long way in the last 2 decades in the Fitness Industry but wow those days were just ALIVE with enthusiasm !!

Like every year at Step & Dance we will be taking a trip back down memory lane & revisiting the 3 choreography’s of the year.

This is the perfect chance to take a few classes if you missed a trimester or if you have never had the pleasure of being in our classes.

We will begin with Step & Dance 1980’s. It is an electric & cheesy homage to Aerobic & Jazz classes of that special moment in time ( the 80’s) when Dance exercises classes were on fire !!!
Our classes are easy to follow because they are logically designed to go with the flow combining Dance & the Reebok Step.
This is not an ordinary Step class – ‘Step & Dance’ is a Dance class that artfully incorporates The Step in order to burn extra calories.

If I dare say so myself, I loved this 1980’s theme, it was one of my favourites , then again I think that about every new trimester 😉
Come join us.

No classes on 13/7 or now on Sundays. The end of the year is on 27/7.

We restart with a new choré the 7th of September.

Melanie is a Yoga Teacher for adults & for children in Paris. She also teaches Fitness, Step & Dance.

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