Traditional Indian Dance, BollyWood , Bhangra , Step & Yoga.

Step India
Let me take you to a Higher place

To a Lighter state
Let your Energy flow
Your Power Grow

Yes at last a Fun Indian Dance class combining Traditional Indian Dance with modern Indian music & dance.

In this easy to follow Step & Dance trimester we will be exploring the incredibly large selection of Indian music. With such fusions as Indian Jazz, Hip Hop, Electro, Rock, Funk & much more.
Here is one example of one form of Indian hybrid music. In this clip we clearly hear the artists fusion of Traditional Indian music with Reggae.

Step & Danse ‘ India’
Le Centre de Danse d’Alesia
119 Ave Géneral LeClerc

Step & Dance India will start in March until then we will be enjoying the last sessions of Step & Dance ‘China’
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