Yoga Super Heros

Feeling great
Full of energy
Less stressed
All these wonderful side effect can come from doing Yoga.
After Yoga class I feel lighter, I feel happier.
Dare I say it ?
I feel naturally high!

As I roll up my mat my spirit is floating in a place far more vast than the four walls that surround me.
As I return home I may seem to be walking down the road but I am actually dancing in my socks.
I named this sweet sensation ‘Yoga High’.
The traditional Yogic beliefs are that Siddhis ( Human Super Powers) such as controlling ones Mind,Body & Spirit come when the practitioner has mastered Yoga. Being able to regulate ones body temperature, endure extreme pain, control ones heart rate & breathing patterns are all wildly known effects of mans success in such mystifying phenomenas of mind over matter.

From my own personal experience I know that I am Super Mom . I never get sick (fingers crossed) even when everybody around me are falling like flies.
God – can I multi- task !!
me feed a houseful of hungry people whilst I work on a new Dance choreography , answer the phone & keep my baby peacefully occupied. I know that it is thanks to Yoga that I manage to keep my calm. I am strong, I am peace.

I do know that it can be testing trying to be a modern day Super Hero.
With tendencies of perfectionism I find myself overly trying to be the ideal stay at home mother / business woman/ appealing wife/ gourmet cook/ ecological organic warrior/Rock n Roll friend.
Sometimes I gracefully pull all these roles off, other times I am overjoyed to be able to have the time to run a comb through my hair.


I tell the children whom I teach Kids Yoga to that doing Yoga gives you Super Powers. Like real life Super Hero’s they will be able to do things with their bodies & minds that couch potatoes Kids will just never be able to do.
It can be difficult finding time for oneself in this hectic life. During those few moments to myself I melt onto my Yoga mat & do a few poses. It doesn’t matter if I don’t have a full hour, just 5 minutes in a magical pose such as Savasana works miracles for me. When I am waiting in line or using public transportation I close my eyes & retune my body & find a steady breathe.
Hey every little helps !!!
If you too are like me and often pressed for time try to incorporate mini Yoga sessions into your day. Believe me, it does a whole world of good & finally all those Yoga timeouts add up to an hour or more of Yoga a week.

I saw this Indian video clip the other day & I just had to share it with you.
This is for all you fans of India & Yoga Super Heros out there.
Let your spirits soar !!!,t=1,mt=video

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