Bad News & Good News/ Je reste a Paris

The bad news is that I didn’t get the Indian visa in time for my travel dates.

The good news is that all Yoga,Fitness , Step & Dance classes will happen as normal.

Ahhhhhh India why do you make it so difficult to obtain a travel visa?
I wanted to Dance, Eat & Yoga in your wonderful country.
I guess that I can do the same without the visa. I will emerge myself in the Indian culture here in Paris.
In fact the next trimester of Step & Dance will be Indian.
Bollywood here we come.

There will be a few extra classes of the choré Step & Dance ‘China’ as I had hoped on getting extra inspiration for Step ‘India’ from my trip to New Delhi & Goa.
In the mean time I will continue to studying India here in Paris to bring you Step India in just a few more weeks.
The class will be a spicy mix of Step, Traditional Indian Dance, Bollywood , Modern Indian Dance & Yoga.
Finally Paris is a fabulous place to live…….. That is the real good news …………

We do have lots of talented & loving Yoga & Dance instructors here also. The Indian food is also very good.

Come to think of it a trip to the wonderful vegetarian Indian restaurant Krisna- Bhavan is long overdue.

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