Free Yoga For Every Body

I have spent the last decade enjoying many different forms of Yoga Classes. Hip- Hop Yoga in New York City being by far the most distasteful Hybrid Yoga I have ever tried.
I am however a full hearted believer that the world of Yoga should expand to accommodate everybody.

Some people come to Yoga looking for a way to maintain their health, others come to Yoga to make friends , some even enjoy the solitude of Yoga.

We now have
Kids Yoga, Hot Yoga, Circus Yoga, Partner Yoga , Flying Yoga & even Dog Yoga.
These are very exciting times the last decade has seen so many different forms of Yoga developing. I have termed all these forms of Yoga ‘ Yoga Sans Frontier‘ or ‘Free Yoga‘.
No matter what form is being practiced Hatha Yoga or Iyengar. Anusara or Ashtanga Yoga the bare essence is the same. If done properly Yoga liberates the spirit.

It is that Mind- Body- Spirit connection which makes it Yoga.

The Yoga that I teach is completely free of religion. I have Muslims, Catholics, Jews & atheists as students. I believe that faith, spirituality & Yoga can be free from religion.

When I look into the eyes of my Acro Yoga friends or my Sivananda sisters I feel that same connectedness. I feel love. Some of us find freedom through meditation others find it during a session of Laughing Yoga. Copyrights, contractual agreements & Yoga styles are all just meaningless if you believe in true freedom.
Thankfully there are now as many differing styles of Yoga as there are kinds of Yoga followers.
Finally don’t we all do Yoga just to feel free ?

Yoga is freedom.

Melanie is a Dance Teacher & a Yoga Instructor in Paris for adults & for children.

Her websites are

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