Kung Fu Vs Yoga

Being both a Yoga Instructor & a Dance Teacher had never caused me any problems until I began this new dance choregraphy of Kung Fu.
I had to ask myself if there was a conflict of interests between them.

Kung Fu vs Yoga ?

This trimester of Step & Dance is called “China”. It is a combination of Kung Fu, Karate & Tai Chi. Imagine oneself in a Bruce Lee music video moving gracefully to Operatic music & Funky Chinese tunes !
Being a Yoga teacher I did design the Kung Fu movements to be flowing & elegant but this Chinese class does still contain elements of combat.
How could I teach & enjoy such contrasting energies of violence & nonviolence. In one class fighting imaginary adversaries & in another honouring a belief system of pacifism ?

Kung Fu Vs Yoga ?

It is a known fact that Yoga works with the parasympathetic system making the person doing Yoga less stressed & therefore more peaceful. I do try to live in a state of peace, tranquility & non violence, so I had to ask myself why & how did I design a Martial Arts trimester ?
This whole experience has been very revealing. Here I have been living in a state of union & bliss then to my surprise I turn in to a Bruce Lee want to be ! The idea of teaching a Martial Arts trimester was planted from my appreciation of Tai Chi.
There are many similarities between Tai Chi, Kung Fu & Yoga.
They are all based on a deep respect for oneself & ones environment. The effects on the body are both energising & calming.
In the early stages of preparing the ‘China’ class I had wanted to use Tai Chi movements but in order for the routine to to be fat burning ( cardio) I needed to fasten the pace.
Tai Chi turned into Kung Fu.

What I have discovered during the first few weeks of the choreography is that maybe I do have stress to release. That maybe I am not as peace & Love as I thought I was.
In the Step & Dance class I kick punch & play being a fearless warrior yet instead of fighting against imaginary people I fly through the air & strike my own short comings. I materialise my intentions & beat away my negative thoughts & energy. I fight against my own weakness. This kick is for my procrastinations. This hook is for my inabilities to fight against confrontational situations. These jabs & uppercuts are for my failed attempts to be completely vegetarian.
The hour session leaves me invigorated & in a more reactive spirit. I return home with a dynamic positive flame. All this positive release of negative energy leads me towards my good intentions. It leaves me feeling motivated & eager to restart my path of self improvement. I am that type of type of person who needs to feel both extremes of Adrenalin & peacefulness.
During my last stay in an ashram I was the only student downhill mountain biking on my days off.
I love biking, skiing, power & speed. I am a dancer. I am an energetic powerful woman. I actually use Yoga as a method to calm me down. Lords only knows where I would be without Yoga.
Between the contrasts I have found a balance that works for me. My personal journey to self improvement is clearly a long one.
I am not a Saint , a Swami nor a Guru. I am a multifaceted modern day woman who enjoys lots of different activities.

Kung Fu Vs Yoga ?

Finally there is not a battle between the two. Both seem to work for me & I believe that both enable my engines to function harmoniously.
Just pray that if you have a fight to pick with me that you do it after I have taken a Yoga class when I am all loved up & not after I have finished my Kung Fu class!

The Step & Dance classes are an easy to follow exercise & dance class that changes its style every 12 weeks, we Funk, we Country & Western we Modern Jazz . We Rock. We even Kung Fu.
I think that the next trimester we will be moving to India to explore the delightful world of Indian dance & Bollywood but for now we are dancing our way through China.

For more information on Yoga, Fitness, Dance & Cool Things to do in Paris – www. YogaFitness.fr

I also teach Yoga for children – www.YogaEnfants.com

Enjoy the video !!

Proof that Martial Arts Dance & Indians can exist together !!

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