Irina Grjebina -Paris

The Dance studio & school Irina Grejbina at 11, rue Jules Chaplain has sadly closed it doors. This dance institution will be sadly missed in the Parisian artistic & dance community.
Irina Grjebina (1907-1994) & her sister Lyla were classical dancers, teachers & choreographs. They created the Russian School of Choreography in the 6th neighbourhood of Paris in 1938.
Many great & inspirational dancers & teachers were formed through the school.
In recognition of Irina’s contribution to dance she received the medal from the city of Paris in 1976 & was named ‘ Dance Character Teacher of the Opera of Paris’.

I taught Yoga, Dance & Fitness at the studio for many years & have many glorious memories there. I felt privileged to have the chance to work at the studio & I thank all the people who graced me with there loving presence & enthusiastic energy.
The studio was an elegant space. It was one of those special places where it was just a pleasure to be. I will miss working there.
I would like to thank André Grjebina for his incredible kindness in allowing me to continue teaching at the studio even though I was twice pregnant during my time there.
I did not want to believe André when he told me that the studio had been sold. The location will now become the workshop of a sculpture. Well times do change & leave the way open for growth & for more opportunities to arise.

All the other classes that Melanie gives will be continuing as normal in & out of the 6th quartier.
For more information about these classes of Yoga, Fitness & Dance you can visit & the new site for children

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