Lady GaGa in Paris

Attending Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour in Paris was a bloody way to celebrate the Winter Solstice. The gore, the blood & the violence were also a fitting way to mark the anniversary of my cesarean. Happy 1st Birthday my sweet daughter.
Before the concert I had to admit that I was not not a fan of Lady Gaga but I left the show in awe & somewhat begrudgingly impressed.
It was more of an electro operatic version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show than a concert.
Yet boy can she sing!

It was more of an OVER THE TOP theatrically avantgarde fashion show than a concert.
Yet man what energy !

I loved the intelligent mix of glossy video images that layered more impact & tension into the ever so stylish show. This was more than just a concert.
If Liberace was to be reincarnated in the spirit of Marilyn Manson & Madonna well Lady Gaga is what you would get!
The production was breath taking as were the pyrotechnics, the costumes & the hoards of dancers, musicians & singers . The stage was fabulously set up to tell Gaga’s macabre tale of her New York City trip there was even a life size replica of a yellow taxi cab & a subway wagon. The musical spectacular was so modern that it seemed decadently sci –fi.

It is obvious why Lady Gaga was named by Vogue as the best-dressed woman of the year. She is the artistic reflection of the confused world we live in.

This barley dressed icon managed to be so contradictory one moment she was tearing the head of a Barbie doll & asking you to show her your teeth & the next second she is preaching about peace & love.
Is it through her blatant commercialisation of sexualised horror & music that this 24 year old New Yorker managed to make the cover of Times magazine as one of the most influential people of the year?
Or is there more to Gaga than this?

Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball show felt unnervingly like a religious motivational gathering for the Lost Boys & girls of our electro generation. Perched high upon her skeleton stiletto heels Gaga lewdly preached of tolerance & of self love.
She shared her pain & torment & professed to being mocked at during her school years for being different. During her show she screamed for equal rights & demanded that Jesus accept everybody “freaks & all”

At one moment she called upon her gay fans as she profanely screamed of Jesus’s love for both men and women… is it just a wonderful coincidence that her half naked ‘gay’ bassist is also named Jesus?

Dressed as a Latex nun her whole show reeked of religious imagery from her being lost & searching for her demons. She did indeed at the end of the show find her monster in Central park whilst she danced next to a replica of the Bethesda Angel Fountain as it oozed litres of fake blood.

Who else could pull off the improbable mix of hard metal guitar rifts, electro pop , bikini clad piano solos & fowl mouthed monologues but Lady Gaga?

It took me days to get the catchy lyrics out of my head.
Depending upon if you love her or if you hate her- here are some of the best or the worst moments from the show.
I imagine that I will be designing a Step & Dance choregraphy inspired by Lady Gaga in the near future !
For when all is said & done Lady Gaga has carved herself a place in our modern history of music
& dance.

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