New- Step & Danse ‘China’

Step & Dance ‘China’ strikes a balance between an artistic Kata & a Step & Dance choreography. The ambiance Yin & Yang – dynamic & Zen is created by blending traditional Asiatic music with modern western ‘chopstick music ‘. All this combines into an original trimester that cleverly weaves many different styles of movement & music together. Step & Dance ‘China’ is where East playfully meets West.
Imagine yourself in a Martial Arts music video with such original fusions as ‘Tai Chi Funk’ & ‘Operatic
This trimester guarantees to fight the cold weather outside by turning up the heat inside.

As the choreography is progressive & the level of intensity variable it is possible for everybody to have fun fighting away those winter time blues whilst burning away those extra kilos & sculpting a kick ass body !

Step & Danse ‘Chinais a 12 week progressive Choreography at
Le Centre de Danse d’Alesia
119 Ave Géneral LeClerc

The New Choreography Step & Dance ‘China’ starts from December.

As with all Melanie’s classes the movements are natural & respectful of the body & its articulations.
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